Honey honey!

Disclaimer: Mrs Donaldson would like to apologise in advance for the poor taste in puns below, sadly she just couldn't resist!

It's all been so sweet in Year 4 this week! A real hive of activity.

We did the most amazing assembeely on bees. We showcased our facts that we have researched indpendently, we demonstrated the waggledance and Doogie and Mrs Wallace shared their bee-keeping skills whilst being dressed in their suits! We were buzzing! We also made sure that the children were aware of how important bees are for the environment and that sadly their numbers are declining. We shared why this is happening and also how important it is for us to do our bit, by planting more flowers and maybe even owning our own hives!

 Doogie's beehives!

 Mrs Wallace as a beekeeper!

Can you see the honey?

We made the most delicious honey and chocolate chip cookies with Mrs Wallace, weighing out all the ingredients and mixing them carefully, shaping them into biscuits and popping them into the oven - et voila! The most delicious cookies were made and consumed!

We produced the most terrific collaborative bee picture for our bee displays. Each child had a piece in the bee puzzle to decorate using a selection of mediums. The finished piece was pretty unbeelievable!

You won't beelieve what we have been up to in Maths... It's all been about multiplication this week - mastering the grid method, tackling problems and investigations.

We have written explanations on how bees make honey, thinking about all the features of an explanation text and have included pictures and diagrams.

Okay time to buzz off. Enjoy your weekend - hope to see you all at the School Fair!


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