Team work!

Not only have we had a lot of our children celebrating their birthday this month, but many of our teachers too, including Mr Teesdale!

Another busy week in Year 4 - many children were at fixtures, representing our school in hockey and rugby. Their efforts were incredible and the teams enjoyed both taking part and developing their skills. During this time, some boys from our year group joined others in Year 6 to make an ace maintenance team in the wood with Mr Campbell, Mrs Donaldson and Mrs Wallace. There was a huge amount of tidying up, raking leaves into huge jumping piles for the younger children to enjoy, sawing logs and clearing the area of rotten wood. We finished the session with a well earned hot chocolate and biscuit. Here are all our team efforts:

We have loved learning and sharing all the marvellous independent explorer tasks that have been completed by children in Year 4 on the Romans. We have had so many wonderful things to look and even taste! It has been a real pleasure to see how enthusiastic the children are about this topic.

Some children in House-keeping Club have been busy learning to iron and did a splendid job on Mr Thomas' and Mr Willson's shirts! There is no end to their house-keeping skills!

We hope you all have a great weekend - share some of your chores to your children - they love to help!


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