Dem bones

We have been learning all about our 206 bones in our bodies this week! We drew around a child in each of our classes then placed x ray photos on the drawing and identified the bones. We even found out the scientific terms for them.

Lots of cleaning, tidying and sorting in House-Keeping club and as a part of our PSHE lesson when 4W thought about areas we could improve within our school community.

We had a very interesting debate about whether animals should be kept in captivity. Many children had very points for and against the idea.

We have looked at animal skeletons and identified similarities and differences between the human skeleton and theirs.

Here are 4W sorting the outside areas of our school. They even sorted through the lost property boxes and tidied all of the clockrooms.

We realised that by making others happy by doing a great job, we felt very happy too. What a kind year group Year 4 are!

Have a lovely weekend all!


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