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Ding Dong!

Look what we have made during our Science lessons this week!  Not only do they ring but light up too!  Our visitors are really enjoying ringing our doorbells before entering our classrooms!

I'm not sure whether we shared with you that we found a mysterious key in the woods last week whilst we were busy doing our dark dens.  Mr Campbell had a vague recollection of a missing key, but couldn't quite remember the details since it was such a long time ago. Mrs Teesdale wondered whether it belonged to the farmer who lived at Copthill Farm back in the1850s. So the children were challenged to do some exploring and delve deep into their imagination to come up with an idea of just where the key fitted and what it opened!

There were some wonderful ideas and Year 4 have written some amazing descriptive pieces all about the key and the lock it must belong to. These ranged from underground tunnels to portals to another world!

In maths we have been tackling division - with PASTA! It is amazing …

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